Store atmosphere

Creating atmosphere in your retail store.

A huge part of the customer experience in your store is the atmosphere you have created. Using lighting, music, smell, space, seating, colour, there are many ways to achieve a suitable atmosphere to match your concept. I love it when a little store has background music playing for example as it helps break the silent atmosphere if you are the only customer in the store.

Many stores now are combining concepts into the new buzzword ‘lifestyle store’ which might mean having a coffee bar in your clothing store for example or an event space where you hold talks and gatherings. I always had music in my stores by having a simple Sonos speaker on top of one of the shelves. I was always nervous of candles so used scented sticks instead and when I could I would have a sofa or even a chair for customers to sit. Little touches go a long way towards creating a memorable experience for customers.


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