Storefront is everything.

It all starts with your storefront. Enticing potential customers inside the threshold with your window display, your signage or some carefully thought out props next to the door. The exterior of your store needs to catch the eye of passers-by and communicate what you are selling whilst representing what your brand stands for.

It is harder than ever to catch people’s attention these days as life is full of distractions. A lot of people are walking whilst talking on their phones or typing messages to their friends as they go. It is unlikely they will stop and look up at your signage above the shop front unless you catch their eye with something. Simple pot plants are a good first step, descriptive window signage at eye-level can be a game-changer and of course good strong window lighting. Some stores even figure out how to get their music to play outside too which can work very well.


Whatever you decide to use, the simple game of boutique retail is to get as many people to walk inside as you can. If you aren’t a big name retailer like GAP or Williams-Sonoma then you need to be a little more creative.  Let me know in the comments what you are using on your shop front to attract customers.



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