Top 5 Considerations for your Cash Counter

The checkout / point of sale / cash desk, whatever you prefer to call it, is the centre point of any store. It’s where the real action happens and the interaction with all customers, so it needs to look good, it needs to function well and it needs to please both your needs and the customers. But it isn’t easy to design one, especially for your first store when you haven’t yet operated and aren’t sure of your needs from it. Here are my Top 5 considerations to make when designing / looking for your cash desk.

1) Height. Think of your kitchen counters. They are above table height but not quite bar height. It’s the perfect height to work on if standing.

2) Will you be gift wrapping? If yes, you could have a pull out extra shelf for this purpose, or a whole extra cabinet on the wall behind the cash counter. Either way you need space to wrap and for your wrapping materials.

3) Don’t clutter. Allow space for point of sale items but don’t over fill the space. The customer will want to place their purse down perhaps and will need to sign for credit cards or complete your order forms.

4) Most boutiques will have shopping bags. Allow space to hang them underneath the counter or lay them in piles on a shelf. They need to be easily accessible.

5) Electricity. Likely your cash counter will not be against a wall so you will ideally need a floor box for the electricity outlets. Don’t forget a hole for the wires to go down through to the outlets. The clearer your space, the smoother your transactions will be.

And one more! I just can’t keep it to 5! Decide if you want to have a drop down on the counter height for where your computer screen will go. Some screens block the customer’s view of the sales person which isn’t friendly.

Tell us about your cash desk dilemma’s or secret tips!


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