4 weeks / 4 step Festive Countdown for Retailers!

Whether or not you sell Christmas decorations, gift items, fashion or even household essentials, the fact of the matter is highstreets are filling up, malls are opening later and there is an abundance of customers with their wallets at the ready for the next 4 weeks!

Are you prepared to sit back and just see what happens? Or are you going to make damn sure you get some good sales coming through your store and try to hit that annual sales target!

4 weeks to Christmas

Is your store looking, feeling and even smelling festive? It’s all about atmosphere! Bringing that festive magic to the experience helps the customer to be in the mood to spend frivolously. Download a festive playlist, spray some glitter on those windows and light a Fir scented candle.

Have you done your employee schedule for the month, making sure to maximise on potentially busy days? Customers won’t hang around to wait to be served, they have a long shopping list to get through and time is precious! It’s better to risk spending a little more on excess employee hours than to miss out on sales opportunities. Consider extending your opening hours too during this time.

3 Weeks to Christmas

Is your marketing plan in full-swing? Are you spending on social media ads and google ads? Did you take advantage of any local advertising opportunities such as with groups of people (ie moms groups), facebook groups, local community boards etc.

When did you last send out an email to your database? NOW is the time! Tempt them to your store, include product information, store location and opening hours.

Take photos of your products, share gift ideas with your customers and double check your website is up to date if you have one. Run through some sales training with your assistants and if possible offer them extra incentives to reach higher targets.

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2 Weeks to Christmas

Check your inventory! If you are able to top up any best-selling products, then do it now to maximise on the last 2 weeks!

Are you offering free gift wrapping in-store? Making it easier for the clients will always help your sales. Even little touches such as a festive ribbon on your shopping bags is worth the effort.

Bundle products together in your merchandising to help customers imagine larger themed gift ideas. You can also use some slower selling inventory that you have and bundle it with something more tempting to make way for new inventory in the New Year.

Remember at this point customers are starting to feel the pinch of the spending. Offering better priced bundles and reminding your sales team to highlight any special deals to customers will help any indecisive clients.

1 Week to Christmas!

With all the will in the world, EVERYONE shops in the last week before Christmas either for their whole list or at least for extras they forgot about earlier in the month. This is a crazy time for all retailers and customers will be at their most frantic.

Think about services now. If you can’t deliver in time for Christmas, offer click and collect options and let customers message you through your social media in order to reserve products for collection. Nominate a team member to be in charge of checking all social media messaging and reply promptly.

It’s Christmas!!! Hooray!

Now it’s time to switch off and enjoy YOUR time before spending the early weeks of the New Year, reviewing your sales reports and making plans for 2019.



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