5 Steps to get out of a Retail Rut!

It’s totally normal as a business owner to get into a bit of a rut. By rut I mean a plateau, a stale feeling, a lack of direction, a lack of feeling inspired and you are not sure what to do next. Your sales might be flat and you are questioning why you are even doing this.

I have been there. Many times. It’s impossible not to be at some point but it is possible to get out of it! Here I have come up with my top 5 ideas for kick-starting 2019 in your retail business and getting out of that retail rut!

1. Get the spark back into your brand, starting with you! A new haircut, a new pair of shoes, whatever makes you smile, do it and then bring that smile to work and get creative with your brand. Get your team together or a bunch of your friends and do a fun branding session, figuring out what your store stands for, what are you known for, what do you want to be known for and how you can achieve it.

2.  Vision success! What does it look like for you? Think big, there is a lot of power in visualisation so picture what you dream of. Is it a bigger store, 3 stores in different cities, is it a big team of people or maybe it’s you bringing your baby to work in your shop & having a true work life balance whilst making tons of money! Everyone’s success looks different so figure out what excites you and picture it.

3.  Change the store around. And I mean furniture not just products! Have a major shift around and if possible, invest in a new piece of display furniture or some lightboxes or pictures for the wall. You could paint a wall a new colour to give it a new look for low cost and add some creative display props (I always loved Ikea for props!). The moving round of the store will be positive both for you & your team and also your regular customers will love it.

4.  Add a new service. Maybe gift wrapping, personalisation, home delivery or a personal shopping experience… anything you can come up with that works with your type of store and adds to the customer experience will set you apart from your direct competitors. The more individual you can be the better! Then work on in-store signage and marketing promotion of your new service to make sure people know about it.

5.  Add a completely random new category of products. Something totally left field from your usual range and see if it works! For obvious reasons don’t invest too much into this yet but have fun with it. Maybe sell locally made cupcakes in your florist boutique or add a range of home soy candles to your baby boutique. Anything that isn’t predictable. Think out of the box about your customer profile and you could be surprised at how effective it could be for some extra sales revenue.

These 5 steps are a great starting point to get you feeling more energized if you are feeling in a retail rut but I obviously haven’t touched on anything financial in this list. Why not start your year with a 1 hour consulting session with me and lets map out where your business pain points are and start working on a plan together.

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