The importance of a great online product description

It’s becoming more and more imperative to stand out in the online space. Not only do you need to have a modern functioning website, you need it to be found by potential customers and then you need those visits to convert into sales.

  • Design & Tech
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Website Content

Without all 3 steps in place, none of them work. But the last step can often get left behind. A lot of time and money is spent on designing and coding the website to function, then more dollars and effort on marketing but the website content often gets the least attention.

Here’s an example of its importance – you google search for a product – let’s say a particular cushion. You find 3 options of websites all promoting that product, all at the same price.

You click on the first one and it has a very short, factual description and 1 image.

Square Yellow Bird cushion. Generous size. Made of 100% cotton. Does not include the inner filler.

You try the next, it has a slightly more informational description and 3 images from all angles.

Soft designer yellow bird cushion. Plain on reverse. Made of 100% brushed soft cotton with printed design. Machine washable. Note – does not include the inner cushion, can be purchased separately.

Finally, you click on the last option and it has a full description of the product and many images both lifestyle and on white background. There’s also a video which very clearly shows why you need that item.

Large soft scatter cushion with beautiful eye-catching bird design. Tasseled edges gives this cushion a vintage feel and would look great on a bed or sofa. Generously sized at 50 x 50cm it can be machine washed and is made of 100% brushed cotton, made in Turkey. Inner cushions are sold separately, we recommend our feather cushion filler here.

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So, what makes for a great product description?

  • What is the item? Give a full description.
  • What is its purpose? How can it be used? Give options.
  • What makes it great? List the stand out features.
  • How big is it? How heavy is it? Remember the online customer needs to get a sense of its scale.
  • Who might like the item and why? Give suggestions.
  • How is it unique? When compared to others, why should the customer choose it. For example, why did you choose this item for your store?

In short – what makes the product worth the cost price. You have to convince the customer. You have a lot of competition with other retailers in the online space and you also have other products grasping for their attention and dollars. Make the effort and it will make a difference.

And if you need another reason – experts also say that if you simply copy and paste the product description from another site, then google won’t rank your page as high. Unique content wins the day all round. Add personality to your descriptions and try to give the customer a great experience, just as you would in a brick and mortar store.

To summarise, the customer who is shopping online has many checkboxes that they want a product to tick, such as visual design of the site, clear and tempting product images, a great description and of course competitive delivery options. As a boutique, if you can’t compete totally on the delivery aspect, make sure you are competing on the description and product visuals and give it some personality! People buy from people so let that reflect through in your branding.

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