I certainly know the feeling of overwhelm when running your own retail business. It looks tempting from the outside…put your favourite things into a cute store, decorate it in your favourite way, spend your days in there meeting lovely customers whilst making money! Boom. Dream career…..

Except usually that isn’t quite the reality. There is a huge amount of elements to running a successful retail store. Accounting, purchasing, scheduling, selling, merchandising, marketing, inventory, maintenance…’s pretty relentless. Once you put those timings on the door, you are committed to them. You have to show up for your customers and your team, day in day out.

Passion when starting own retail store

There are obviously amazing moments and some fabulous satisfaction when things go well, when you meet grateful customers and when you make those big sales. It’s just hard to remember those when the store is quiet, sales are slow and the invoices keep coming in. When the cash flow isn’t adding up and a big competitor opens on the same street, it can feel like everyone knows what to do except you.

Retail Consulting Services

You know your retail business better than anyone, but sometimes it is hard to see it with fresh eyes and to admit what is needed, let alone find the time.

Using my experience, I offer unique retail consulting services aimed at independent retail businesses or for individuals who are in the process of opening up their first store. Whether you have 1 or 10 stores, or simply the concept for your store, I can work with you to improve your retail business. Subjects I cover (not-exhaustive):-

  • The customer experience.
  • Sales report analysis.
  • Implementation of a POS system / assistance in selection.
  • Marketing efforts.
  • Brand image.
  • Foot traffic & conversion rates.
  • Profit & Loss statement analysis.
  • Profit margins.
  • Inventory levels & turnover.
  • Stock purchasing.
  • Team training.
  • Exec coaching on how to manage your team effectively.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Adding e-commerce.
  • Selling through social media.

Whilst there are no miracle quick fix solutions to a business that isn’t performing as it should, there are many things that can be done to improve on it and to give it a needed boost.

Contact me to discuss how we can work together or see below the various options with costs.

Hourly Consulting

One-to-one consulting time to give you advice on a particular part of your retail journey, be it growth or cashflow or start-up.

Business Assessment

An in-depth look into the current state of your business and a road-map to get it to where you need it to be.

Introductory Discovery Call

The first step to me understanding your business and what your current pain points are.