Business Assessment

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Sometimes in the course of owning any business, you need to sit back and assess what is happening. Usually its because things aren’t going perfectly well but it could also be because it’s going so well that you need to plan for what to do next.

In either scenario, it can help to have an experienced view. I remember being very nervous about growing my comfortable 1 store retail business to the next phase and wish I had had someone experienced to guide me along. Instead, I learnt along the way, making mistakes on my journey from 1 store to 10. I don’t want you to make all those same mistakes hence my consulting work now with independent store owners like yourself.

In this assessment, I suggest to read over all your recent reports on sales, costs, buying patterns, turnover rates, profitability, store locations, conversion rates, stock on hand and more if you have them (it’s ok if you don’t). I will talk in depth with you about your current situation, your vision and your obstacles and work through the next steps with you.

We start with a package of 6 hours and add hours as we need them. The only upfront agreement is for the 6 hours. At least 2 hours of the 6 should be me reviewing the reports rather than consulting with you but again there is always flexibility depending on each situation. Email me now and let’s get started!