Hourly Consulting

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  • You might be in the process of opening your first store and need guidance.
  • You are considering opening your 2nd store & need to work through whether it’s the right time & what it will involve.
  • You might have had your current store for 1-2 years already but it isn’t performing as you need it to so you need help making it profitable.

For all the scenarios that independent store owners might be in, I offer one-on-one consulting time to work with you on your unique current stresses. Having opened and operated 10 of my own small stores over 10 years, I have been in your shoes and am therefore bringing my actual experience to the table, not just a textbook of theories. I will work through actionable, realistic strategies with you to get you through this phase and to the goal you are working towards.

Whether its 3 sessions or 10, YOU can determine the number of times and the frequency of our sessions, although once I know more about your current reality I will make suggestions as to how I see us working best. Email me now to get started!