About Me

Having built up my own multi-million dollar retail business over the past 10+ years, I am passionate about the roller-coaster journey of starting, owning and operating small brick and mortar retail stores. It isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t always fun but there is a lot of success to be had with a small local boutique if it is done right. The goal with my consulting and in this community is to share ideas, tools and practical tips for hardworking store owners like yourself to operate more efficiently, generate more sales and hopefully build a profitable retail business that you can manage. Check my Retail Consulting page for more information on my consulting services & how I work with clients.


A Bit About Me.

Jennifer Haddad – “Mother, Baby & Child Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year finalist”

First and foremost I am a British mother of 2 children – a daughter of 11 and a son who is 9. I spent 14 years in the Middle East, growing a retail & distribution business in the baby & children’s sector. I have opened and operated 10+ retail stores during my career and am now living in the US & loving the thriving independent retail here.

Having been both the retailer and a distributor has given me a true understanding of what it takes to maximise on sales in this competitive sector. I have travelled the world to trade shows, had relationships with brand manufacturers, distributors and sales agents, launched several versions of my e-commerce site over the years, managed a team of over 30 employees and have experienced the challenges that international trade & retail brings.

I am passionate about the retail industry and believe success comes from the customer experience above everything, both offline and online. I now put my energy 100% into building this community for small retail store owners and working with them on a personal mentoring and consulting basis to help grow their businesses.

I believe in order to have a successful retail business in 2019 it is about being smart. It is about playing to your strengths, not trying to compete on everything.

I look forward to working with you.


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