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Because we can all do with some free experienced advice, am I right?

In between working with clients, producing blog and social media content and raising my 2 children, I like to regularly create some free guides for dynamic independent retailers like you!

We all go through a lot of the same stresses as each other and through the journey of building my retail business, I went through them too. Check them out below and pop back soon to see what’s new.

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Essential Guide to Improving Your Store Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is a stress-point for most retailers yet there are many things you can be doing to improve it. Don’t leave it to chance. The likelihood of increasing your sales is much stronger with an increased number of people coming into your store.

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10-Step Health Check for Your Retail Business

It’s time to take a ‘time out’ for a moment and check on some vital statistics with your retail business. By allowing yourself a 30 minute sit down to go through these important questions, you are giving some valuable time to the health of your business.

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From E-Commerce to Brick & Mortar

Taking the leap from being an online only retailer to opening a physical store is an exciting one but there are a few considerations you need to make. Take my advice here in this guide and avoid some common mistakes.

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Retail Business Planning Guide

At the beginning of the year we are full of good intent and goal planning. But as the schedule gets busier, we may forget to take the time to prepare our retail business for the year ahead. Alongside the blog notes here, I have created a simple 3-page planning tool.

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